VPCZ1290X Sony Vaio Vpc-z1290x
Sony Replacement Parts
Model Number
Sony Vaio Vpc-z1290x
Sony is a manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment equipment. Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Knan, Minato, Tokyo. Its diversified business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment. Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony products are reliable and affordable and there are options for any home or budget. They range from computers and professional technology to consumer electronics and home entertainment systems.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
1-492-095-11Sony Ac Adaptor Vgp-ac19v32
1-754-688-21Sony Ant (Wlan/wimax Aux/nocore)
1-754-687-11Sony Ant (Wlan/wimax Main/nocore)
1-754-686-11Sony Antenna (Bt)
1-754-688-11Sony Antenna (Wlan/wimax Aux)
Sony Assy Btm Usb Ndc Gm [Black/glossyprem]
X-2541-537-1Sony Assy Button Pow
X-2541-543-1Sony Assy Holder Ssd
X-2548-029-1Sony Assy Holder Ssd To
X-2541-529-3Sony Assy Housing Bezel Bk [Black/black & Sil
X-2541-888-2Sony Assy Housing Display Pc [Carbon & Silver
X-2541-898-1Sony Assy Lens Hybrid
X-2541-897-1Sony Assy Lens Pow
X-2546-128-1Sony Assy Plt Vram
X-2541-538-1Sony Assy Switch Hybrid
4-165-973-01Sony Bezel Odd
Sony Bluetooth Module
1-458-200-21Sony Bluetooth Module
4-165-901-01Sony Bracket Kensington
4-165-974-01Sony Bracket Odd Front
4-165-975-01Sony Bracket Odd Rear
4-165-943-01Sony Bracket Ui
4-165-833-21Sony Button Eject [B/glossypc/pc]
4-165-835-11Sony Button S [B/glossypc/pc]
4-165-829-12Sony Button Tp Fp [B/glossypc/pc]
4-165-834-01Sony Button Vaio
4-165-826-11Sony Chassis Al U [B/glossypc/pc]
4-143-255-01Sony Cleaning Cloth
A-1781-465-ASony Comp Pwb Swx328(mtp/fp/bl)(s)
A-1769-466-ASony Compl Pwb Fpc-197(auopusb(s)
A-1769-468-ASony Compl Pwb Fpc-198(ms/hdmi) (S)
Sony Compl Pwb Fpc-199(palm I/o)(s)
A-1769-467-ASony Compl Pwb Fpc-200(ex-card) (S)
A-1781-464-ASony Compl Pwb Fpc-217(ssd_tos) (S)
A-1769-464-ASony Compl Pwb Ifx-545(n-ilink) (S)
A-1769-457-ASony Compl Pwb Swx-331(s-swled)(s)
A-1769-462-ASony Complete Pwb Anl-96(nc_hp) (S)
Sony Complete Pwb Mbx-206(540m) (S)
A-1769-450-ASony Complete Pwb Swx-329(pw-sw)(s)
A-1769-451-ASony Complete Pwb Swx-330(hb-sw)(s)
1-842-043-11Sony Connector Expresscard (Frame)
4-165-778-01Sony Cover Cam
4-165-773-12Sony Cover Hinge L [B/glossypc/pc]
4-165-774-13Sony Cover Hinge R [Black/glossy Premium Carb
4-165-899-01Sony Cover Memory
4-165-972-01Sony Cover Odd
4-000-528-31Sony Cover_dock
4-109-788-22Sony Cushion (Bu)
3-700-330-02Sony Cushion (Odd Big)
2-187-193-01Sony Cushion (Op)
4-165-768-01Sony Cushion Bezel U
4-180-564-01Sony Cushion Fan Btm
4-172-297-01Sony Cushion Fpc
4-165-902-01Sony Cushion Mram Ic
4-165-864-11Sony Cushion Palm [B/glossypc/pc]
4-165-865-01Sony Cushion Sp
4-165-769-03Sony Cushion Top L
4-165-770-03Sony Cushion Top R
4-165-900-02Sony Dummy Exp
Sony Fan Unit
1-837-478-11Sony Ffc (Mbx206-ifx546)
1-837-418-11Sony Ffc (Swx328-swx329)
1-837-417-11Sony Ffc (Swx328-swx330)
1-837-415-11Sony Ffc (Swx328-tp)
1-837-419-11Sony Ffc (Swx330-swx331)
Sony Foot (Front)
4-165-897-11Sony Foot Back [B/glossypc/pc]
A-1769-471-ASony Fpc-201 (Vga) Assy (S)
4-165-954-01Sony Gascket Mcp
Sony Harness (Dc Jack)
Sony Harness (Irx-4920 Camera)
1-967-107-11Sony Harness (Rj45)
Sony Harness W/conn Under1000v
8-912-802-90Sony Headphone Nc Mdrnc021lbm2set
4-147-017-02Sony Heat Caution Label(pa)
Sony Hinge L
Sony Hinge R
4-165-857-01Sony Holder Batt
4-165-863-01Sony Holder Cushion
4-165-892-11Sony Knob Batt L [B/glossypc/pc]
4-165-893-11Sony Knob Batt R [B/glossypc/pc]
4-165-890-01Sony Latch Batt L
Sony Lcd Lt131ee11000 (S) [13.1/Full-hd_hdar/
Sony Lens Kbd
1-858-331-11Sony Loudspeaker (1.6Cm)
1-858-331-21Sony Loudspeaker (1.6Cm)
1-471-532-11Sony Magnet Sensor
1-756-820-11Sony Mn-li Rechargeable Battery
4-175-695-01Sony Model Number Label 4920 U
4-159-062-11Sony Ms 7 Label (C)
A-1769-476-ASony Odd (Pcc/smql/9.5/892/hun) (S)
Sony Palm Mold (Gm/n-fe) T/p (S) [Black/gloss
4-165-832-01Sony Plate Gnd Anl
4-165-779-01Sony Plate Gnd Cam
4-165-775-01Sony Plate Gnd Hinge
4-165-831-01Sony Plate Gnd Tp
4-165-946-03Sony Plate Mcp
1-881-492-12Sony Pwb Fpc-209 Flexible Print
6-714-329-01Sony Ram (Ic M471b5673eh1-cf8) [2Gb/ddr3/1066
6-714-614-01Sony Ram Ic Mt16jsf25664hz-1g1f1 [2Gb/ddr3/10
Sony Screw M2 Special Head Self S (M2x4)
Sony Screw, +B Eg Grip
4-672-834-71Sony Screw, +B Eg Grip
Sony Screw, +B Eg Grip
4-645-214-92Sony Screw, Grip M2
Sony Shaft M1.7x2.5
4-121-735-02Sony Shaft Sh
2-893-284-01Sony Sheet (Logo)
4-192-075-01Sony Sheet 4X30
4-191-386-01Sony Sheet Bezel
4-180-567-02Sony Sheet Blind Hybrid A
4-180-568-01Sony Sheet Blind Hybrid B
4-181-514-01Sony Sheet Blind Hybrid C
4-180-565-01Sony Sheet Blind Pow A
4-180-566-01Sony Sheet Blind Pow B
4-171-610-01Sony Sheet Bt
4-171-608-01Sony Sheet Cable
4-180-986-01Sony Sheet Cable W
4-165-780-01Sony Sheet Cam
4-111-686-02Sony Sheet Cpu_2
4-181-885-02Sony Sheet Dp Cable
4-171-607-01Sony Sheet Ether
4-169-518-01Sony Sheet Exp
4-165-823-01Sony Sheet Fpc Nc
4-170-522-01Sony Sheet Hold Cable
4-165-866-02Sony Sheet Hold Sp
4-171-604-01Sony Sheet Hybrid Cover
4-172-235-01Sony Sheet Lcd
4-165-953-01Sony Sheet Mcp
4-170-530-01Sony Sheet Mcp Top
4-165-947-01Sony Sheet Memory
4-174-686-01Sony Sheet Mesh
4-169-523-01Sony Sheet Mesh A
4-169-524-01Sony Sheet Mesh B
4-180-562-01Sony Sheet Mesh Ssd
4-171-606-01Sony Sheet Ms
2-680-593-01Sony Sheet Paste Cable
4-165-869-01Sony Sheet Safe Odd
4-169-522-01Sony Sheet Sim
4-165-867-01Sony Sheet Sp
4-165-955-01Sony Sheet Thermal Al
4-170-527-01Sony Sheet Thermal Gpu
4-170-528-01Sony Sheet Thermal Mcp
4-165-949-01Sony Sheet Thermal Pch
4-165-952-01Sony Sheet Thermal Vr
4-170-526-01Sony Sheet Thermal Vram B
4-180-563-01Sony Sheet Thermal Vram Bl
4-172-740-01Sony Sheet Thermal Wlan 2
2-637-051-01Sony Spring (Bt), Compression Coil
1-458-221-11Sony Ssd (128Gb Thns128gg4bnaa) 128Gb
4-165-858-12Sony Switch Hybrid [B/glossypc/pc]
4-165-898-01Sony Switch Wlan
4-676-302-01Sony Tape (Common)
Sony Tape (Harness)
2-893-283-01Sony Tape (Lcd)
4-170-521-01Sony Tape Adh Btn
4-149-728-01Sony Tape Dc Jack
1-487-592-11Sony Vcv3gba-jpab (Camera Module)
1-458-172-12Sony Wireless-lan Card(q)(s)