VPCL215FX/W Vaio - All In One L2
Sony Replacement Parts
Model Number
Vaio - All In One L2
Sony is a manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment equipment. Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Knan, Minato, Tokyo. Its diversified business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment. Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony products are reliable and affordable and there are options for any home or budget. They range from computers and professional technology to consumer electronics and home entertainment systems.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
A-1828-889-ASony Acetate Tape 10Mmx10mm
A-1828-892-ASony Acetate Tape 10Mmx20mm
A-1964-088-ASony Acetate Tape 8*10
A-1831-287-ASony Acetate Tape_10x20
A-1831-288-ASony Acetate Tape_15x25
A-1831-290-ASony Acetate Tape_15x55
A-1833-448-ASony Assy Keyboard Inst(us)(wh)
A-1833-450-ASony Assy Mouse Inst(us)(wh)
A-1833-443-BSony Board Assymbx-245n12mh
A-1820-669-ASony Board Swx-365(powerswitch)
A-1820-671-ASony Board Swx-366(led Driver&hdmi)
A-1829-769-ASony Camera Module Hd(v020)
Sony F Special Appearance M2x2
A-1963-860-ASony Gskt 77X7.6x5t
Sony Hdd Seagate [1Tb/3.5/7200/sata
A-1788-430-ASony Hdd(1tb, Wd1001faes-55w)(
A-1825-327-ASony Ic Ebj20uf8bcs0-dj-f(f)(s)
Y-8307-001-8Sony Label, (3 X 2) Upc
A-1752-686-ASony M3*l6 Screw-i30060m-d70t1
Sony M3xl8 Screw Bi30080m D
A-1752-684-ASony M4*l6 Screw-i40060m-d80t1
A-1731-728-ASony M850 Asmsub Bluetooth Bkt
A-1963-858-ASony Magnet - 13X4x31t
Sony Mbx516/gt2/-/4200u/4g/t(s)
Sony Mbx516/gt2/-/4200u/4g/t(s)
Sony Odd (Pio/bcql/127/td03)(f)(s)
A-1831-293-ASony Polyimide Tape_15x25
A-180-009-1ASony Ram 2Gb/ddr3/1333/so-dimm
A-1800-091-ASony Ram Samsung [2Gb/ddr3/1333/so-
Sony Rdvd Recovery Disc Model Vpcl215fx/w
Schematic Location: CD
Sony Rtc Battery
Sony Rtc Battery
A-1964-011-ASony Screw Bi12020m D20t05 Bni Nylk
A-1718-804-ASony Screw Bi20020m D40t08 Ni
A-1963-810-ASony Screw Bi20020m D70t04 Bni Nylk
A-1810-314-ASony Screw H40070m-d80t27-ni-nyloy
A-1743-318-ASony Screw I Unc6 32 084D80t10
Sony Screw I17030m D35t06 Bzn Nylok
A-1964-015-ASony Screw I17030m D45t08 Bni Nylok
A-1963-954-ASony Screw I17040m D40t08 Bni Nylok
A-1964-043-ASony Screw I17050m D35t08 Ni Nylok
Sony Screw M2*l4 Bni Nylo
A-1718-805-ASony Screw Screw Dia Less 6Mm
A-1828-890-ASony Screw-bi20025m-d80t06-ni-nylok
A-1828-891-ASony Screw-bi20025m-d80t06-ni-nylok
A-1810-313-ASony Screw-i40100m-d70t15-hl-nylok
A-1810-182-ASony T2*l5 Screw-bi20050t-d40t08-ni
A-1781-747-ASony T3*l13 Screw-bi30130t-d50t10-b
A-1757-834-ASony T3*l7 Screw-i30070t-d80t1
A-1757-842-ASony T3*l8 Screw-bi30080t-d50t10-bn
A-1810-297-ASony T3*l8 Screw-bi30080t-d50t10-zn
A-1833-445-ASony V020 Assy Speaker Left
A-1833-446-ASony V020 Assy Speaker Right
A-1810-193-ASony V020 Aux Antenna Cable-gray
A-1810-178-ASony V020 Bluetooth Cable
A-1810-203-ASony V020 Camera Cable
A-1831-292-ASony V020 Conductive Tape 3M Cef 1L
Sony V020 Cpu2fan Thermal Forh
A-1810-100-CSony V020 Cpu2fan Thermal Forh
Sony V020 Dc In Cable-150w
A-1810-210-ASony V020 Display_off_ Switch _Ffc
A-1810-212-ASony V020 Display_off_ Switch _Ffc
A-1810-228-ASony V020 Hdd Signal Cable
A-1810-188-ASony V020 Led Driver In Cable-2d
A-1810-213-ASony V020 Led Driver Out Cable
A-1810-214-ASony V020 Led Driver Out Cable
A-1810-191-ASony V020 Main Antenna Cable-black
A-1810-279-ASony V020 Rj45 Dongle Cable
Sony V020 Sata Hdd-odd Power Cable
A-1826-116-ASony V020 Subassy Tpk-wh-notv-noqtv
Sony V020 Tarte Cable
A-1883-193-ASony V030 Magnet-40x30x16t
A-1964-018-ASony V270 Antenna L Aux
A-1964-016-ASony V270 Antenna R Main
Sony V270 Battery Spg 75X15x0.8t
A-1964-101-ASony V270 Battery Spg 75X15x0.8t-s
A-1963-838-ASony V270 Cable Camera
Sony V270 Cable Charger Led
A-1964-087-ASony V270 Cable Charger Led-s2
Sony V270 Cable Dcin
A-1963-855-ASony V270 Cable Edp Th
A-1963-836-ASony V270 Camera Module
Sony V270 Clicpad Sv(s)
A-1971-694-ASony V270 Edp Absorber-s
A-1964-097-ASony V270 Ffc Card Board
A-1964-098-ASony V270 Ffc Card Board-s
Sony V270 Ffc Clckpd
A-1964-082-ASony V270 Ffc Clckpd-s
A-1964-083-ASony V270 Ffc Nfc
A-1964-084-ASony V270 Ffc Nfc-s
Sony V270 Fpc Audio
A-1963-840-ASony V270 Lcd Al Foil Camera
A-1963-867-BSony V270 Lcd Bzl Tape Th Low
A-1963-869-BSony V270 Lcd Bzl Tape Th Low 2
A-1963-871-BSony V270 Lcd Bzl Tape Th Lr
A-1963-865-BSony V270 Lcd Bzl Tape Th Up
A-1963-866-BSony V270 Lcd Bzl Tape Th Up-s
A-1963-829-ASony V270 Lcd Gskt Panel
Sony V270 Lcd Module (T/sv/-)(s)
A-1963-864-ASony V270 Lcd Poron Left
A-1963-862-ASony V270 Lcd Poron Low
A-1963-863-ASony V270 Lcd Poron Right
A-1963-861-ASony V270 Lcd Poron Up
Sony V270 Palm Assy(t/sv/us)(s)
A-1964-064-ASony V270 Pcb Leakage
A-1964-065-ASony V270 Pcb Leakage Tape
A-1964-066-ASony V270 Pcb Leakage Tape-s
A-1964-096-ASony V270 Pwa Card
A-1964-025-ASony V270 Spk L (Ww)
Sony V270 Spk R (Ww)
Sony V270 Sub Btm (Slv)
A-1963-876-ASony V270 Sub Lcd Bzl Up Th (Slv)
A-1963-874-ASony V270 Sub Lcd Hsng Th (Slv)
Sony V270 Thermal Module(s)Y
Sony V270 Top Brkt Audio
A-1964-067-ASony V270 Top Gskt Leakage
A-1964-068-ASony V270 Top Gskt Leakage-s
Sony V270 Top Led Rbbr
A-1753-785-ASony Wireless Lan Module(