VPCEH23FX/B Vaio - Notebook Eh
Sony Replacement Parts
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Vaio - Notebook Eh
Sony is a manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment equipment. Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Knan, Minato, Tokyo. Its diversified business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment. Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony products are reliable and affordable and there are options for any home or budget. They range from computers and professional technology to consumer electronics and home entertainment systems.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
Sony Adaptor Ac(ac19v33)(q)(s)
Sony Adaptor, Ac(q)(s)
A-1835-942-ASony Ant Wlan Assy Wdan-sqhk1003-dh
A-1835-940-ASony Antenna Wlan Assy App6p-700554
A-1821-907-ASony Bat Li3v225mah (Cr-2032l/dbn
A-1821-905-ASony Battery Li 3V 210Mah (Cr2032)
A-1821-906-ASony Battery Li3v220mah (Cr2032)
4-291-199-01Sony Bracket Lcd L Hk1
4-291-200-01Sony Bracket Lcd R Hk1
4-209-863-01Sony Brkt Lcd L Led Ne7
4-209-864-01Sony Brkt Lcd R Led Ne7
Sony Brkt Odd Hk1
A-1852-062-ASony Cable Assy Hk1 Lcd Lnt(40p Rev3a)30v
Sony Cableassyhk1dc(2p/4p/rev1a)250
A-1835-936-ASony Cableassyhk1lcdgle(40rev1a)30
A-1835-939-ASony Cableassyhk1lcdhua(40rev1a)30
A-1835-938-ASony Cableassyhk1lcdmec(40rev1a)30
A-1835-946-ASony Camera Module 10P2sf026
A-1835-945-ASony Camera Module Bn8kvtyxa-300
A-1835-944-ASony Camera Module Hf031a-s62a-hn01
Sony Cord Set PowerY
A-1851-289-ASony Cpu 2.1G Ic Ff8062700847901sr07t(q)(s)
3-297-596-11Sony Energy Star Label ( C ) (Black)
A-1835-904-ASony Ffc Hk1mb-tp(100.5mm6p1a)30v
A-1835-909-ASony Ffchk1 Mb-usb(170mm30p1a)30v
A-1835-905-ASony Ffchk1mb-ps(106.5mm10p2a)30v
A-1890-393-ASony Hdd (640Gb Mk6465gsxn)(q)(s)
A-1851-296-ASony Hdd (640Gb Wd6400bpvt(q)(s)
A-1835-520-ASony Hdd (640Gbmk6465gsxn)(q)(s)
A-1851-297-ASony Hdd (D640gb Hm641ji/vao)(q)(s)
A-1851-298-ASony Hdd (D640gb Hts547564a9e(q)(s)
4-152-573-01Sony Heat Caution Label (U-en)
4-291-203-01Sony Hinge L Led Jar Hk1
4-291-209-01Sony Hinge L Led Lhb Hk1
4-291-205-01Sony Hinge L Led Snr Hk1
4-291-207-01Sony Hinge L Led Szs Hk1
4-291-204-01Sony Hinge R Led Jar Hk1
4-291-210-01Sony Hinge R Led Lhb Hk1
4-291-206-01Sony Hinge R Led Snr Hk1
4-291-208-01Sony Hinge R Led Szs Hk1
Sony Hk1 Bezel Lcd Assy (Cam+black)
A-1835-231-ASony Hk1 Heat Sink Assy 35W Uma Fox
A-1835-233-ASony Hk1 Heat Sink Assy 35W Uma Twe
A-1853-750-ASony Hk1 Housing Lcd Assy (Bk/ M)
A-1835-182-ASony Hk1 Housing Lcd Assy (Black)
A-1827-699-ASony Hk1 Mb Huron River Uma W/o Cpu
A-1827-709-ASony Hk1 Powersw/b Assy
A-1827-710-ASony Hk1 Usb/b Assy
A-1850-278-ASony Hk1a Housing Bottom Assy
A-1851-345-ASony Hk1a Palmrest Assy(bk) Bt- Ps
A-1851-349-ASony Hk1a Palmrest Assy(bk/m)bt-ps
A-1851-351-ASony Hk1a Support Palmrest L Assy
4-408-008-01Sony Kapton Mb Screrw Btm Hk1
4-408-007-01Sony Kapton Mb Screrw Top Hk1
Sony Keyboard Unit Us B
Y-8307-001-8Sony Label, (3 X 2) Upc
A-1845-933-ASony Lan Module Wireless(q)(s)
A-1845-932-ASony Lan Module Wireless(q)(s)
A-1835-565-ASony Lan Module Wireless(q)(s)
A-1835-564-ASony Lan Module Wireless(q)(s)
A-1743-624-BSony Lan Module Wireless(q)(s)
A-1839-921-ASony Lcd Unit(q)(s)
A-1835-507-ASony Lcd Unit(q)(s)
Sony Lcd Unit(q)(s)
Sony Lock 2680 Rj5
4-284-361-21Sony Modelnumberlabel5640(u)pcg-71912l
4-159-062-11Sony Ms 7 Label (C)
A-1845-478-ASony Mylar Ant Cable Down Hk1
A-1845-477-ASony Mylar Ant Cable Top Hk1
4-291-171-01Sony Mylar Thermal Hk1
A-1786-266-ASony Ne7 Fan Assy Add
A-1799-182-ASony Odd (Sop/smql/127/7710)(q)(s)
A-1851-310-ASony Odd (Tst/smql/127/633c)(q)(s)
A-1787-429-ASony Odd(hds/smql/127/gt30)(q)(s)
A-1851-306-ASony Odd(hds/smql/127/gt50)(q)(s)
A-1851-309-ASony Odd(psn/smql/127/8b0)(q)(s)
A-1851-308-ASony Odd(tst/smql/127/208b)(q)(s)
Sony Odd(tst/smql/127/633f)(q)(s)
4-291-265-01Sony Poron Battery Hk2
4-286-121-11Sony Quick Start_5640 (U)(c)
A-1835-569-ASony Ram 2Gb Ic Ebj20uf8bcs0-dj-f(q)(s)
A-1851-311-ASony Ram(2gb) Ic Nt2gc64b88g0ns-cg(q)(s)
A-1835-568-ASony Ram(2gb)ddr3 M471b5773dh0-ch9 Neo B/s
Sony Rdvd Assy Vpce_20fx SeriesY
4-195-742-11Sony Rubber Bezel Cam Ne7
4-195-723-11Sony Rubber Bezel Hinge Ne7 Black
4-195-743-11Sony Rubber Bezel Side Ne7
4-195-709-01Sony Rubber Foot Batt Ne7
4-195-710-01Sony Rubber Foot Front Ne7
A-1840-730-ASony Screw T1.7x3-i(black Ni)(steel)
A-1835-244-ASony Screw T2*4-i(ni)iron
4-672-836-11Sony Screw, M2 Special Head, Eg Grip
A-1835-902-ASony Spk Module Assy (With L/r) Van
A-1840-731-ASony Syringe 7783D S39
A-1850-007-ASony Vgp Bps26(u)(q)(s)
A-1850-006-ASony Vgp Bps26(u)(q)(s)
A-1850-005-ASony Vgp Bps26(u)(q)(s)
A-1850-004-ASony Vgp Bps26(u)(q)(s)
Sony Vgp Bps26(u)(q)(s)
A-1840-518-BSony Vgp-bps26(u)(q)(s)
A-1837-161-ASony Vgp-bps26(u)(q)(s)
A-1840-518-DSony Vgp-bps26(u)(q)(s)
A-1840-518-CSony Vgp-bps26(u)(q)(s)