SEL70200GM Constant Aperture F2.8 70-200Mm Zoom G Master Lens
Sony Replacement Parts
Model Number
Constant Aperture F2.8 70-200Mm Zoom G Master Lens
Sony is a manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment equipment. Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Knan, Minato, Tokyo. Its diversified business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment. Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony products are reliable and affordable and there are options for any home or budget. They range from computers and professional technology to consumer electronics and home entertainment systems.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
4-574-193-01Sony 5Th Follower Pin(9146) (Uc)
4-574-192-01Sony 5Th Follower(9146) (Uc)
Sony 5Th Front Lens Holder Assy (Uc)
4-575-868-01Sony 5Th Front Lens Spring(9146) (Uc)
Sony 5Th Mid Lens Holder Assy (Uc)Y
Sony 8Th Assy (Uc)Y
4-576-712-02Sony Adj Spring(9146) (Uc)
Sony Block,service Exclusive Optics (Uc)Y
4-574-259-31Sony Cam Barrel Follower (9146) (Uc)
4-574-258-01Sony Cam Barrel Follower Pin(9146) (Uc)
4-574-251-01Sony Cam Follower (Uc)
4-574-251-11Sony Cam Follower (Uc)
4-574-251-21Sony Cam Follower (Uc)
4-574-251-31Sony Cam Follower (Uc)
4-574-251-41Sony Cam Follower (Uc)
4-574-251-51Sony Cam Follower (Uc)
4-684-821-31Sony Cam Follower (Uc)
4-684-821-41Sony Cam Follower (Uc)
4-684-821-51Sony Cam Follower (Uc)
4-587-615-01Sony Case (Uc)
A-2080-068-ASony Differential Ring Assy (Uc)Y
4-597-112-01Sony Dust Removal Sheet (C) (Uc)
4-585-339-01Sony Esd Gasket W3h1l1.5(hr) (Uc)
4-574-220-01Sony F Cam Holding Spring(9146) (Uc)
4-597-115-11Sony Fc Adjustment Washer(9146) (Uc)Y
4-597-115-01Sony Fc Adjustment Washer(9146) (Uc)Y
Sony Filter Screw Barrel Assy (Uc)Y
Sony Filter Wp Rubber(9146) (Uc)Y
4-474-019-01Sony Fixed Tape(9111) (Uc)
4-574-267-01Sony Focus Linkage Pin(9146) (Uc)
Sony Focus Ring Assy (Uc)Y
4-574-297-01Sony Focus Ring Rubber(9146) (Uc)Y
4-576-725-01Sony Focus Ring Tape(9146) (Uc)Y
4-589-144-01Sony Gmr Base 2 (Uc)
Sony Group Assy, Exclusive (Front) (Uc)Y
4-590-966-01Sony Guide Roller H_a (Uc)
4-590-966-81Sony Guide Rollerh_a (Uc)
4-590-966-71Sony Guide Rollerh_a (Uc)
4-590-966-61Sony Guide Rollerh_a (Uc)
4-590-966-51Sony Guide Rollerh_a (Uc)
4-590-966-41Sony Guide Rollerh_a (Uc)
4-590-966-31Sony Guide Rollerh_a (Uc)
4-590-966-21Sony Guide Rollerh_a (Uc)
4-590-966-11Sony Guide Rollerh_a (Uc)
Sony Gy-1011 Mount Board Assy (Uc)Y
4-574-179-01Sony Gyro Holder(9146) (Uc)
Sony Hood Unit(9146) (Uc)Y
Sony Iris (Ats-40a-f1)
4-574-206-01Sony Iris Pin(9146) (Uc)
1-980-238-11Sony Lf-2154 Flexible Pwb(ssm_junc) (Uc)Y
4-596-398-01Sony Linkage Base Tape(9146) (Uc)
4-574-207-01Sony Linkage Base(9146) (Uc)
4-574-209-01Sony Linkage Holding Ring(9146) (Uc)Y
Sony Linkage Plate(9146) (Uc)Y
4-574-231-01Sony M Follower Pin (Uc)
4-574-221-01Sony Mf Clutch Ring(9146) (Uc)
4-585-345-01Sony Mf Clutch Sheet (Uc)
4-574-223-01Sony Mf Linkage Ring(9146) (Uc)
4-574-224-01Sony Mfpr Base(9146) (Uc)
X-2592-148-1Sony Mfpr Flexible Assy(9146) (Uc)Y
A-2079-852-BSony Mount Assy(9146) (Uc)Y
Sony Mounted C.board Cl-1043 (Uc)Y
4-574-225-01Sony Mr Holder(9146) (Uc)
4-578-142-01Sony Positioning Pin(9146) (Uc)Y
4-576-711-01Sony Pwb Holding Plate(9146 (Uc)
Sony Rear Cover Assy (Uc)Y
4-574-172-11Sony Rear Light Shield Barrel(9146) (Uc)Y
4-577-441-01Sony Retainer F(9146), Ball (Uc)
4-574-222-01Sony Ring Base(9146) (Uc)
4-574-266-01Sony Roller Pin(9146) (Uc)
4-574-217-01Sony Rotor Linkage Ring(9146) (Uc)Y
2-687-685-11Sony Screw M2 (Uc)
2-687-685-21Sony Screw,precision +P 2X8 (Uc)
X-2592-149-1Sony Sensor Flexible Assy(9146) (Uc)Y
Sony Service, Frame Assy (9146) (Uc)Y
4-598-598-11Sony Sheet , Clutch Ring (9146) (Uc)
4-598-598-01Sony Sheet , Clutch Ring (9146) (Uc)
4-576-710-01Sony Shift Adj Pin(9146) (Uc)
4-576-713-01Sony Shift Adj Screw(9146) (Uc)
4-574-180-51Sony Ss Adjuster Washer(9146) (Uc)
Sony Ss Adjuster Washer(9146) (Uc)Y
Sony Ss Adjuster Washer(9146) (Uc)Y
4-574-180-21Sony Ss Adjuster Washer(9146) (Uc)Y
4-574-180-11Sony Ss Adjuster Washer(9146) (Uc)
4-574-180-01Sony Ss Adjuster Washer(9146) (Uc)
Sony Ss Assy (Uc)Y
4-574-216-01Sony Ssm Holding Ring(9146) (Uc)
Sony Stationary Barrel Base (9146) (Uc)
Sony Stator Rotor Unit B (Uc)Y
4-576-723-01Sony Steel Ball(2.0) (Uc)
4-595-722-01Sony Sv-gmr Spacer(9146) (Uc)
A-2079-867-ASony Switch Unit(9146) (Uc)
4-596-213-01Sony Tape (9146) (2_5-5-30) (Uc)
4-292-776-01Sony Tape For Iris
4-574-276-01Sony Tip(9146), Tripod Knob (Uc)Y
Sony Tirpod Baseassy(9146) (Uc)Y
4-576-969-01Sony Tp Tape(9146) (Uc)
Sony Tripod Plate(9146) (Uc)Y
Sony Tripod Ring Assy (Uc)Y
A-2122-150-ASony Tube Unit, (Front) Outer (Uc)Y
A-2122-152-ASony Tube Unit, (Middle) Outer (Uc)
4-575-904-01Sony Wp Rubber 62 (Uc)
4-574-281-01Sony Wp Rubber 75 (Uc)
4-575-899-01Sony Wp Rubber Switch Cover (9146) (Uc)
A-2080-069-ASony Zmr Sensor Assy (Uc)
4-574-280-01Sony Zoom Linkage Plate(9146) (Uc)
4-592-820-01Sony Zoom Linkage Ring Sheet A (914 (Uc)Y
4-592-821-01Sony Zoom Linkage Ring Sheet B (914 (Uc)Y
4-575-901-01Sony Zoom Linkage Ring(9146) (Uc)
Sony Zoom Ring Assy (Uc)Y
4-574-298-01Sony Zoom Ring Rubber(9146) (Uc)Y
4-576-726-01Sony Zoom Ring Tape(9146) (Uc)Y