SEL100400GM Fe 100-400Mm F4.55.6 Gm Oss Super Telephoto Zoom Lens
Sony Replacement Parts
Model Number
Fe 100-400Mm F4.55.6 Gm Oss Super Telephoto Zoom Lens
Sony is a manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment equipment. Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Knan, Minato, Tokyo. Its diversified business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment. Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony products are reliable and affordable and there are options for any home or budget. They range from computers and professional technology to consumer electronics and home entertainment systems.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
4-686-079-01Sony 1G Adjustment Washer(9145) (Uc)
4-686-079-11Sony 1G Adjustment Washer(9145) (Uc)
4-686-079-21Sony 1G Adjustment Washer(9145) (Uc)
4-686-079-31Sony 1G Adjustment Washer(9145) (Uc)
4-686-079-41Sony 1G Adjustment Washer(9145) (Uc)
4-686-079-51Sony 1G Adjustment Washer(9145) (Uc)
4-582-515-01Sony 1G Spacer (1850) (Uc)Y
4-582-515-11Sony 1G Spacer (1850) (Uc)Y
4-582-515-21Sony 1G Spacer (1850) (Uc)Y
4-582-515-31Sony 1G Spacer (1850) (Uc)Y
4-582-515-41Sony 1G Spacer (1850) (Uc)Y
4-582-515-51Sony 1G Spacer (1850) (Uc)Y
4-582-515-61Sony 1G Spacer (1850) (Uc)Y
4-582-515-71Sony 1G Spacer (1850) (Uc)Y
4-686-082-01Sony 2Nd Follower A(9145) (Uc)Y
4-686-082-11Sony 2Nd Follower A(9145) (Uc)
4-686-082-21Sony 2Nd Follower A(9145) (Uc)
4-686-082-31Sony 2Nd Follower A(9145) (Uc)
4-686-082-41Sony 2Nd Follower A(9145) (Uc)Y
4-686-082-51Sony 2Nd Follower A(9145) (Uc)
4-686-082-61Sony 2Nd Follower A(9145) (Uc)
4-686-082-71Sony 2Nd Follower A(9145) (Uc)
4-686-082-81Sony 2Nd Follower A(9145) (Uc)
4-686-083-01Sony 2Nd Follower B(9145) (Uc)
4-686-083-11Sony 2Nd Follower B(9145) (Uc)
4-686-083-21Sony 2Nd Follower B(9145) (Uc)
4-686-981-01Sony 3Frame Spring(9145) (Uc)
4-693-796-01Sony Adjustment Sheet (9145) (Uc)
4-693-796-11Sony Adjustment Sheet (9145) (Uc)
4-693-796-21Sony Adjustment Sheet (9145) (Uc)
Sony Bl Contact Assy(9145) (Uc)
4-597-474-01Sony C F L_c(5.00_4.80_4.60) (Uc)
4-597-474-11Sony C F L_c(5.00_4.80_4.60) (Uc)
4-597-474-21Sony C F L_c(5.00_4.80_4.60) (Uc)
4-597-474-31Sony C F L_c(5.00_4.80_4.60) (Uc)
4-597-474-41Sony C F L_c(5.00_4.80_4.60) (Uc)
4-597-474-51Sony C F L_c(5.00_4.80_4.60) (Uc)
4-597-474-61Sony C F L_c(5.00_4.80_4.60) (Uc)
4-597-474-71Sony C F L_c(5.00_4.80_4.60) (Uc)
4-597-474-81Sony C F L_c(5.00_4.80_4.60) (Uc)
4-693-784-01Sony C F L_f(5.0_4.8_4.6) (Uc)
4-693-784-11Sony C F L_f(5.0_4.8_4.6) (Uc)
4-693-784-21Sony C F L_f(5.0_4.8_4.6) (Uc)
4-693-784-31Sony C F L_f(5.0_4.8_4.6) (Uc)
4-693-784-41Sony C F L_f(5.0_4.8_4.6) (Uc)
4-693-784-51Sony C F L_f(5.0_4.8_4.6) (Uc)
4-693-784-61Sony C F L_f(5.0_4.8_4.6) (Uc)
4-693-784-71Sony C F L_f(5.0_4.8_4.6) (Uc)
4-693-784-81Sony C F L_f(5.0_4.8_4.6) (Uc)
4-597-472-01Sony Cam Follower Base L_a(9145) (Uc)
4-686-092-01Sony Cam Follower Base L_b(9145) (Uc)
4-597-471-01Sony Cam Follower L_a(5.50_5.00) (Uc)
4-597-471-11Sony Cam Follower L_a(5.50_5.00) (Uc)
4-597-471-21Sony Cam Follower L_a(5.50_5.00) (Uc)
4-597-471-31Sony Cam Follower L_a(5.50_5.00) (Uc)
4-597-471-41Sony Cam Follower L_a(5.50_5.00) (Uc)
4-597-471-51Sony Cam Follower L_a(5.50_5.00) (Uc)
4-597-471-61Sony Cam Follower L_a(5.50_5.00) (Uc)
4-597-471-71Sony Cam Follower L_a(5.50_5.00) (Uc)
4-597-471-81Sony Cam Follower L_a(5.50_5.00) (Uc)Y
4-597-473-01Sony Cam Pin L_a(9145) (Uc)
4-686-093-01Sony Cam Pin L_b(9145) (Uc)
4-597-475-01Sony Cam Pin L_c(9145) (Uc)
4-688-902-01Sony Cam Pin L_f(9145) (Uc)
4-587-615-11Sony Case Gmxl (Uc)
4-597-496-01Sony Click Spring (9145) (Uc)
A-2184-978-ASony Cn-1065, Mount (Uc)Y
4-570-981-01Sony Esd Gasket (9139) (Uc)
4-687-707-01Sony Esd Gasket A (9145) (Uc)
4-696-136-01Sony Esd Gasket B (9145) (Uc)
A-2181-261-ASony F Ring Block Assy (9145) (Uc)Y
1-493-252-21Sony Fhb Unit (9135) (Uc)
A-2181-287-ASony Filter Screw Assy (9145) (Uc)Y
4-597-498-01Sony Focus Key (9145) (Uc)
Sony Focus Rubber Ring (9145) (Uc)
A-2181-273-ASony Frame Block Assy (9145) (Uc)Y
4-686-081-01Sony Front Ornamental Plate(9145) (Uc)Y
X-2593-915-1Sony Gs Fpc Assy(9145) (Uc)Y
X-2593-914-1Sony Gs Middle Fpc Assy(9145) (Uc)
4-699-080-01Sony Guard Tape F_sa (9145) (Uc)
Sony Guard Tape Z (9145) (Uc)
Sony Hood Unit(9145) (Uc)Y
4-693-794-01Sony Index Lock Key (9145) (Uc)
1-981-649-11Sony Lf-2204 Flexible Pwb(ma9145) (Uc)Y
1-981-650-11Sony Lf-2205 Flexible Pwb(mb9145) (Uc)Y
Sony Lid, Tripod Knob (Uc)Y
X-2593-916-1Sony Mf Fpc Assy(9145) (Uc)
Sony Mount Assy (9145) (Uc)Y
4-597-486-01Sony Mount Holder(9145) (Uc)Y
4-723-334-01Sony Outer Barrel Ring(9145) (Uc)Y
4-597-484-01Sony Pcb Holder(9145) (Uc)Y
4-687-708-01Sony Positioning Pin (9145) (Uc)
4-597-518-01Sony Pressurization Plate (9145) (Uc)
4-597-516-01Sony Pressurization Ring (9145) (Uc)
4-698-890-01Sony Protection Belt G (9145) (Uc)Y
4-699-350-01Sony Protection Belt Z(9145) (Uc)
4-597-460-01Sony Rear Fpc Plate(9145) (Uc)
2-687-685-11Sony Screw M2 (Uc)
2-687-685-21Sony Screw,precision +P 2X8 (Uc)
Sony Service (B),block Assy (9145) (Uc)
Sony Service, 1G Lens Assy (9145) (Uc)Y
Sony Service, 2G Lens Assy (9145) (Uc)Y
Sony Service, 3G Lens Assy (9145) (Uc)Y
Sony Service, 4-6G Lens Assy (9145) (Uc)Y
Sony Service, 7G Lens Assy (9145) (Uc)Y
A-2186-823-ASony Service, Cam Barrel(9145) (Uc)Y
A-2186-829-ASony Service, Cl-1055 Mount (Uc)Y
A-2186-819-ASony Service, F Outer Barrel (9145) (Uc)Y
A-2186-818-ASony Service, M Outer Barrel(9145) (Uc)
A-2186-822-ASony Service, R Outer Barrel (9145) (Uc)Y
Sony Service, Rear Cover(9145) (Uc)Y
A-2186-831-ASony Service, S Outer Barrel(9145) (Uc)Y
A-2186-821-ASony Service, Z Index Barrel (9145) (Uc)
A-2186-820-ASony Service, Z Op Barrel(9145) (Uc)Y
4-149-203-41Sony Shaft (Ps (1400)), Guide (Uc)Y
4-735-129-01Sony Stepped Pin(9145) (Uc)
4-693-795-01Sony Stopper Rubber (9145) (Uc)
Sony Switch Block Assy (9145) (Uc)Y
4-688-036-01Sony Toripod Base Ring(9145) (Uc)
4-688-036-02Sony Toripod Base Ring(9145) (Uc)
Sony Tripod Knob (Uc)Y
Sony Tripod Ring Assy (9145) (Uc)Y
Sony Tripod Ring Cover(9145) (Uc)Y
4-694-021-01Sony Tripod Ring Rail (9145) (Uc)Y
4-694-022-01Sony Tripod Ring Rail Joint (9145) (Uc)Y
4-597-517-01Sony Wave Washer (9145) (Uc)
4-684-923-01Sony Wp Rubber Switch Cover (9145) (Uc)
A-2181-263-ASony Z Joint Barrel Assy (9145) (Uc)
A-2181-269-ASony Zmr Block Assy (9145) (Uc)Y
4-689-817-01Sony Zoom Joint Pin Roller(9145) (Uc)
4-597-497-01Sony Zoom Joint Pin(9145) (Uc)
Sony Zoom Rubber Ring (9145) (Uc)Y
4-597-503-01Sony Zoom Stopper Plate (9145) (Uc)
A-2181-270-ASony Zpt Block Assy (9145) (Uc)Y
A-2181-266-ASony Zt Adjust Ring Assy (9145) (Uc)Y