LSPXP1 Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector
Sony Replacement Parts
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Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector
Sony is a manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment equipment. Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Knan, Minato, Tokyo. Its diversified business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment. Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony products are reliable and affordable and there are options for any home or budget. They range from computers and professional technology to consumer electronics and home entertainment systems.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
1-971-069-11Sony 10P Wifi Cable (Us)
1-492-525-34Sony Ac Adapter (Vgp-ac19v77) 2Pin (Us)
Sony Adaptor, Ac (Us)Y
4-581-898-01Sony Back Focus Cover (P001) (Us)
4-581-897-01Sony Back Focus Plate (P001) (Us)
4-589-919-01Sony Bag (Rg) (Us)
A-2090-726-ASony Ble Compl (Us)
A-2090-694-ASony Block Assy,help Guide (Us)
Sony Btite (1.4 (Ch)) (Us)Y
A-2090-730-ASony Btm Compl (Us)
1-458-903-11Sony Card, Wireless Lan (Us)
A-2090-807-ASony Chassis Assy, Ld (Us)
A-2090-806-ASony Chassis Assy, Main (Us)
Sony Controller, Video (Av Mouse) (Us)
Sony Cord Set, Power-supply (Us)Y
4-577-644-01Sony Cover, Ir (Us)
4-577-636-01Sony Cover, Window (Us)
4-590-037-01Sony Cushion (A4 025) (Us)
4-590-038-01Sony Cushion (A4 035) (Us)
4-577-659-01Sony Cushion A, Mesh (Us)
4-577-660-01Sony Cushion B, Mesh (Us)
4-590-036-01Sony Cushion, Duct (Upper) (Us)
4-589-857-01Sony Cushion, Magnet (Us)
4-590-035-01Sony Cushion, Mesh Frame (R) (Us)
1-855-414-11Sony Dc Fan (Us)
1-971-068-11Sony Dc Jack With Wire (Us)
A-2090-732-ASony Dc Mount (Us)
4-581-151-01Sony F Nut (P001) (Us)
4-581-901-01Sony Fet Thermal Sheet (P001) (Us)
4-587-071-01Sony Film (Qsg) (Us)
4-577-647-01Sony Fix Bush (Us)
4-577-658-01Sony Foot (Us)
A-2091-290-ASony Fpc Assy (Us)
4-577-639-01Sony Frame, Main (Us)
4-577-634-01Sony Frame, Mesh F (Us)
4-577-635-01Sony Frame, Mesh R (Us)
4-577-653-01Sony Gasket (Us)
4-577-657-01Sony Gnd Plate Rear (Us)
4-582-004-81Sony Guide, Help (Us)
4-582-004-71Sony Guide, Help (Us)
4-582-004-61Sony Guide, Help (Us)
4-582-004-51Sony Guide, Help (Us)
4-582-004-41Sony Guide, Help (Us)
4-582-004-31Sony Guide, Help (Us)
4-582-004-21Sony Guide, Help (Us)
4-582-004-11Sony Guide, Help (Us)
4-582-004-01Sony Guide, Help (Us)
4-581-618-11Sony Guide, Reference (Us)
4-582-001-11Sony Guide, Start (Us)
4-577-649-01Sony Holder, Dc Jack (Us)
4-590-171-01Sony Label (U), Serial (Us)
A-2119-376-ASony Label Block Assy (U),standard (Us)
4-586-378-01Sony Label(u2) (Us)
4-587-074-01Sony Label, Caution (Us)
4-582-093-01Sony Label, Laser Caution (Us)
A-2090-816-ASony Lcos Assy (Us)
4-581-893-01Sony Ld Heat Sink (P001) (Us)
1-856-765-11Sony Lens (P001), Ultra Short Throw (Us)
1-856-739-11Sony Lens 2 (P001), Condenser (Us)
4-577-645-01Sony Lens, Ir Condense (Us)
Sony Li-ion Battery (Us)
4-577-650-01Sony Lid Usb (Us)
4-577-652-01Sony Lower, Duct (Us)
4-577-655-01Sony Magnet Metal (Us)
4-581-895-01Sony Main Cover(p001) (Us)
A-2119-369-ASony Manual Block Assy (U) (Us)
4-582-089-01Sony Master Carton, 2 Sets (Us)
4-577-646-01Sony O Ring (Us)
A-2119-371-ASony Packing (Gp (E)) (U) (Us)
X-2593-070-1Sony Packing Assy (Us)
A-2119-377-ASony Packing Block Assy (M) (U) (Us)
A-2090-690-ASony Packing Gp (M) (Us)
4-581-915-01Sony Panel Heat Sink(p001) (Us)
4-577-638-02Sony Panel, Side L (Us)
4-577-637-02Sony Panel, Side R (Us)
4-581-896-01Sony Pbs Gasket (P001) (Us)
A-2119-374-ASony Pj Assy (U) (Us)
4-581-899-02Sony Pj Pwb Plate (P001) (Us)
A-2119-375-ASony Plate Assy (U), Mesh (Us)
4-577-656-01Sony Plate, Bm (Us)
4-577-633-01Sony Plate, Mesh (Us)
4-577-716-01Sony Plate, Sy (Us)
4-577-648-01Sony Plate, Top (Us)
A-2090-775-ASony Projector Pc Board Assy (Us)
4-591-196-01Sony Protection Pp Tape (Us)
1-980-664-11Sony Pwb, Sy-pj Flexible (Us)
4-584-939-01Sony Rubber, Foot (Us)
2-599-475-31Sony Screw(m1.7) (Us)
Sony Screw(m1.7) (Us)Y
Sony Screw, Tapping, P2 (Us)
3-080-205-21Sony Screw,tapping,p2 (Us)
4-587-060-01Sony Seal (A) (Us)
4-587-061-01Sony Seal (B) (Us)
4-583-650-01Sony Sealing Tape L(p001) (Us)
A-2119-373-ASony Service (U) (Us)
4-443-059-91Sony Shim (Us)Y
4-443-059-61Sony Shim (Us)
4-443-059-31Sony Shim (Us)
4-443-059-01Sony Shim (Us)
4-577-641-01Sony Side Frame L (Us)
4-577-640-01Sony Side Frame R (Us)
A-2117-279-ASony Speaker Assy (Us)
1-859-137-11Sony Speaker Box (Us)
1-855-417-11Sony Stepping Motor, Optical(p001) (Us)
1-493-086-11Sony Sw Block (Us)
A-2090-724-ASony Sy Compl (Us)
4-577-643-01Sony Tape, Window (Us)
4-300-115-01Sony Tapping (1.7) (Ch) (Us)
A-2090-728-ASony Top Compl (Us)
4-577-651-01Sony Upper, Duct (Us)
4-577-661-01Sony Washer (Fan) (Us)
4-577-662-01Sony Washer (Sp) (Us)
4-577-642-01Sony Window (Us)
A-2117-280-ASony Window Assy (Us)
4-577-654-01Sony Window Charge (Us)
1-845-348-21Sony Wireless Hdmi Unit (Us)Y