Sony Replacement Parts
Model Number
Sony is a manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment equipment. Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Knan, Minato, Tokyo. Its diversified business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment. Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony products are reliable and affordable and there are options for any home or budget. They range from computers and professional technology to consumer electronics and home entertainment systems.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
X-3715-435-1Sony Arm Ass'y, Brake
X-3715-418-1Sony Arm Ass'y, K
X-3165-948-5Sony Arm Ass'y, Pinch
X-3715-440-1Sony Arm Ass'y, Press
A-6029-091-ASony Arm Ass'y, Tension Regula
3-671-893-00Sony Band, Binding
X-3715-434-1Sony Base (Right) Ass'y, Lock
X-3715-414-2Sony Base Ass'y, G Pulley
3-722-603-02Sony Base, Motor
A-6029-085-CSony Box Ass'y, M Gear
3-722-989-11Sony Bracket (Left), Screw
3-722-989-01Sony Bracket (Right), Screw
3-724-868-01Sony Camshaft
4-907-138-02Sony Cap, Shaft
Sony Cap,chip,ceramic 10
1-107-960-11Sony Cap,elect 4.7Uf 20% 250V
1-111-121-11Sony Cap,elect 470Uf 20% 50V
1-126-328-11Sony Cap,elect 6800Uf 20% 10V
1-126-330-11Sony Cap,elect 820Uf 20% 63V
J-6254-730-ASony Carrying Case
X-3715-472-1Sony Case Ass'y, Shield, Vm
A-6028-011-CSony Cassette Compartment Ass'
A-6029-064-DSony Cd Block Ass'y
X-3715-459-3Sony Compartment Ass'y
A-6025-124-ASony Complete Pcb, Cn-230
A-6023-048-ASony Complete Pcb, Ct-104
A-6019-017-BSony Complete Pcb, De-21
9-910-999-ZZSony Complete Pcb, Df-45
A-6025-119-ASony Complete Pcb, Dm-63
A-6011-116-ASony Complete Pcb, Dr-65
A-6011-118-ASony Complete Pcb, Eq-15
A-6013-092-ASony Complete Pcb, Lo-04
A-6025-120-ASony Complete Pcb, Mb-178
A-6025-121-ASony Complete Pcb, Mb-179
A-6023-046-BSony Complete Pcb, Ps-161
1-809-755-11Sony Complete Pcb, Re-41
A-6011-117-ASony Complete Pcb, Rec-03
A-6015-107-ASony Complete Pcb, Sv-102
A-6011-119-BSony Complete Pcb, Vm-05
1-561-073-00Sony Conn, Housing, 15P (Femal
1-565-090-11Sony Conn, Recep, 50P, Female
1-569-197-11Sony Connector, Housing, 4P
1-564-928-11Sony Connector, Pin, Dil 8P
1-506-626-11Sony Connector, Recep, Ps 4P,
1-506-630-11Sony Connector, Recep, Ps 4P,
1-563-126-11Sony Connector,ps 24P
3-722-881-01Sony Cover (1), Shield, Ad (Sm
X-3715-450-1Sony Cover Ass'y, Power
A-6004-192-ASony Cover Assy, Front
3-174-938-01Sony Cover, C
3-735-196-01Sony Cover, Ld
3-722-956-01Sony Cover, Vm Shield
X-3715-460-1Sony Deck Ass'y, Handle
1-415-563-12Sony Delay Line, 16.7Nsec
X-3715-501-1Sony Disk Assy Ratchet
3-722-868-03Sony Door, Front
1-500-320-03Sony Dvr 10 Ver.4 Firmware Man
A-6001-016-BSony Extension Board, Ex-138
A-6001-015-ASony Extension Board, Ex-185
J-6264-690-ASony Extention Harness For Sw
3-722-999-01Sony Flange, Pinch
X-3715-458-5Sony Frame Ass'y, Front
3-722-789-01Sony Gear (1)
3-722-785-01Sony Gear (2)
3-722-786-01Sony Gear (3)
3-722-853-01Sony Gear (Left), Driving
X-3715-436-2Sony Gear (M1-s) Ass'y
3-722-601-01Sony Gear (M2)
3-722-852-01Sony Gear (Right), Driving
3-722-602-01Sony Gear (S)
3-722-663-01Sony Gear, Door Switching
3-722-966-02Sony Gear, Front Door
3-722-604-01Sony Gear, Loading
3-722-613-01Sony Gear, Wheel
3-722-866-01Sony Guide (Left), C
3-722-691-12Sony Guide (Left), Stay
3-722-867-01Sony Guide (Right), C
3-722-691-01Sony Guide (Right), Stay
X-3715-480-3Sony Guide (X) Ass'y, Roller
3-722-843-05Sony Guide, Center
3-722-685-01Sony Guide, Pinch
1-940-236-11Sony Harness (Fcs-3)
X-3715-426-1Sony Holder Ass'y, Gear
3-715-371-02Sony Holder, Ub
8-759-947-68Sony Ic Ad7535jn
8-759-515-85Sony Ic Ad9685bd
8-759-947-65Sony Ic Adsp-1110akn
8-759-947-66Sony Ic Am29c821pc
8-752-030-40Sony Ic Cxa1016p
8-752-033-53Sony Ic Cxa1194m
8-759-948-12Sony Ic Cxd1137g
8-759-948-13Sony Ic Cxd1301g
8-759-114-03Sony Ic Cxd1304g
8-759-948-11Sony Ic Cxd1306g
8-759-948-14Sony Ic Cxd1308g
8-759-947-87Sony Ic Cxd1314g
8-759-948-17Sony Ic Cxd1336g
8-759-948-16Sony Ic Cxd1337g
8-759-948-51Sony Ic Cxd1345g
8-759-948-52Sony Ic Cxd1346c
8-759-979-71Sony Ic Cxd8012g
8-759-979-72Sony Ic Cxd8013g
8-752-324-65Sony Ic Cxk5971p-35
8-759-947-97Sony Ic Dac-10gx
8-759-947-91Sony Ic Ds1000m-100
8-759-947-28Sony Ic Ds1228
8-759-947-67Sony Ic Dt5c114e
8-759-795-49Sony Ic Gal16v8-25sp04-02-01
8-759-795-87Sony Ic Gal16v8-25sy124-2-01
8-759-302-52Sony Ic Hd74hct243p
8-759-971-86Sony Ic Mb3769p
8-759-783-47Sony Ic Mb7052-dt16-02-01,prom
8-759-789-64Sony Ic Mb7114h-dt16-02-01
8-759-789-65Sony Ic Mb7114h-dt16-03-01
8-759-782-61Sony Ic Mb7116h-de21-07-01,pro
8-759-782-59Sony Ic Mb7116hz-de21-06-01,pr
8-759-782-58Sony Ic Mb7124hz-de21-02-01,pr
8-759-783-55Sony Ic Mb7124hz-pr106-5-01,pr
8-759-783-56Sony Ic Mb7124hz-pr106-6-01,pr
8-759-782-62Sony Ic Mb7130hsk-de21-03-01,p
8-759-782-63Sony Ic Mb7130hsk-de21-04-01,p
8-759-782-60Sony Ic Mb7138ysk-de21-05-01,p
8-759-971-99Sony Ic Mb767p
8-759-971-87Sony Ic Mb813a
8-759-971-98Sony Ic Mb81c84-45c
8-759-971-90Sony Ic Mb84256-10lp
8-759-971-85Sony Ic Mbl8031ah-p
8-759-013-48Sony Ic Mc10h104p
8-759-013-50Sony Ic Mc10h107p
8-759-014-25Sony Ic Mc145146p
8-759-925-73Sony Ic Mc74hc03f
8-759-001-28Sony Ic Mc74hc137n
8-759-921-56Sony Ic Sn74hc646nt
8-759-916-97Sony Ic Sn74hct374n
8-759-902-19Sony Ic Sn74ls219an
8-759-203-29Sony Ic Tc74hc356p
8-759-203-47Sony Ic Tc74hct564p
8-759-203-49Sony Ic Tc74hct573p
8-759-109-01Sony Ic Upd7011c
8-759-947-83Sony Ic Ym3404b
8-759-785-82Sony Ic, Mb7226ra20ad28-01-01
8-759-785-74Sony Ic, Mbm27c256
J-6254-010-BSony Inner Drm Ecc Adj Tool
J-6264-970-ASony Jig,mb7138hsk-va45911
J-6264-980-ASony Jig,mb7138hsk-va45921
J-6264-990-ASony Jig,mb7138hsk-va45931
3-722-699-01Sony Knob
3-722-730-23Sony Label (A), S/n (De-21)
3-722-730-13Sony Label (A), S/n (En-68)
3-722-730-33Sony Label (A), S/n (Pr-106)
3-722-731-53Sony Label (B), S/n (Sy-124)
3-722-940-01Sony Label, En
3-722-890-01Sony Label, Power
3-716-789-02Sony Link, S
3-716-790-12Sony Link, T
9-967-145-15Sony Maint. Dvr10 S9
3-724-886-06Sony Maint. Dvr10 Vol.2 E2r5
J-6253-340-ASony Master Block (S3)
J-6253-330-ASony Master Block (S4)
X-3715-481-1Sony Motor Ass'y, Shift
A-6023-050-ASony Mtd Cir Bd Pd47
4-303-605-00Sony Nut
4-334-513-00Sony Nut, Nylon (M3) (Pla)
3-724-805-01Sony Nut, Rotary
3-722-678-06Sony Oper Man Dvr10 E1r5
1-567-988-11Sony Oscillator,crystal 128.30
X-3715-478-6Sony Panel A Assy,blank
X-3715-471-5Sony Panel Ass'y, Right
1-624-892-12Sony Pcb, Ah-20 Without Compon
1-624-876-12Sony Pcb, Cn-171 Without Compo
1-624-870-11Sony Pcb, Cn-223 Without Compo
1-624-883-12Sony Pcb, Cn-231 Without Compo
1-624-884-11Sony Pcb, Cn-232 Without Compo
1-625-072-12Sony Pcb, Cn-251 Without Compo
1-624-879-11Sony Pcb, De-20 Without Compon
1-624-880-12Sony Pcb, Fp-28 Without Compon
1-624-890-11Sony Pcb, Pc-43 Without Compon
1-624-877-11Sony Pcb, Pc-44 Without Compon
3-722-620-01Sony Pin, Ld
1-566-358-11Sony Pin,d-sub Connector 50P
X-3166-900-2Sony Pinch Ass'y
X-3715-417-1Sony Plate Ass'y, S
3-722-712-13Sony Plate(l),lock
3-722-712-03Sony Plate(r),lock
3-716-792-01Sony Plate, Adjustment, Pm
3-722-834-01Sony Plate, Press, Pinch
3-722-617-03Sony Plate, V
1-237-578-11Sony Potentiometer 5K
A-6038-050-BSony Power Ass'y
9-967-147-08Sony Protocol Dvr10/c10/18 &Pa
3-722-774-01Sony Pulley, G
3-722-803-01Sony Pulley, Timing
J-6252-190-BSony Reel Table Height Adj. To
J-6253-090-ASony Reference Plate
3-722-967-02Sony Reinforcement,front Door
X-3715-449-4Sony Retainer Ass'y, Panel
3-724-855-01Sony Retainer Top Plate
3-724-801-01Sony Retainer, Bearing
3-724-803-01Sony Retainer, Screw
3-618-189-00Sony Ring, Retaining (Steel)
3-722-609-01Sony Roller (B), Guide
X-3735-903-4Sony Roller Assy
3-722-759-01Sony Roller, Tension Regulator
9-973-614-63Sony S/m Ccd-tr222/313'94 Japa
9-957-677-11Sony S/m Fhb610/b700 * Mhc610
9-924-983-12Sony S/m Mdr-ds5000 '99 Us/can
3-486-138-00Sony Screw
2-129-711-01Sony Screw #4-40 (Jae)
7-628-254-00Sony Screw 2.6X5
3-701-508-00Sony Screw M3
3-722-988-01Sony Screw, Panel
3-724-804-01Sony Screw, Pinch Adjustment
3-722-809-01Sony Sheet, Reel
3-722-668-01Sony Sleeve
1-454-434-11Sony Solenoid,plunger
3-722-996-01Sony Spacer
3-722-673-01Sony Spacer (Nr)
3-722-649-01Sony Spring
4-907-128-01Sony Spring
3-539-237-00Sony Spring (3), Compression
3-849-739-00Sony Spring (A) (Steel)
3-722-698-01Sony Spring (Left)
3-724-813-12Sony Spring (Left), Leaf
3-722-718-01Sony Spring (Left), Panel
3-722-697-01Sony Spring (Right)
3-724-813-02Sony Spring (Right), Leaf
3-722-717-01Sony Spring (Right), Panel
X-3715-487-1Sony Spring Ass'y (S), Return
X-3715-488-1Sony Spring Ass'y (T), Return
3-668-508-00Sony Spring Tension
3-554-017-00Sony Spring, Compression
3-571-850-11Sony Spring, Compression
3-572-513-00Sony Spring, Compression
3-575-489-01Sony Spring, Compression
3-722-670-01Sony Spring, Compression
3-534-237-00Sony Spring, Compression (Se
3-302-492-00Sony Spring, Compression (Stee
3-539-846-00Sony Spring, Compression (Stee
3-642-629-00Sony Spring, Compression (Stee
4-879-763-00Sony Spring, Compression (Stee
3-564-949-00Sony Spring, Tension
3-722-677-01Sony Spring, Tension
3-578-398-00Sony Spring, Tension (Steel)
3-642-670-00Sony Spring, Tension (Steel)
2-098-313-01Sony Spring,compression (1) (S
3-722-716-12Sony Stay (Left), Panel
3-722-716-02Sony Stay (Right), Panel
3-715-271-01Sony Stopper,s.r
3-722-842-02Sony Sunroof
9-967-145-17Sony Suppl Dvr10-s8
3-724-885-08Sony Svc Man Dvr10 Vol1 E2r5
MD10/01Sony Svc Man Dvr10-e1
A-6029-056-BSony Table Ass'y, Reel
J-6253-170-ASony Tension Regulator Adj. To
J-6254-740-ASony Tool Kit
J-6254-750-ASony Tool Kit Dvr10/c10"pal"
1-449-134-11Sony Transformer, Converter
1-426-218-11Sony Transformer, Rf
J-6253-050-ASony Upper Drum Eccentric Adj.
E-DVR1-0N4-5Sony V 4.5 Firmware Ntsc
3-703-225-00Sony Washer (4 Dia.), Ornament
3-722-807-01Sony Wheel, W
3-722-807-11Sony Wheel, W
1-559-693-12Sony Wire, Flexible Card 4P