KDL40R510C 40-Inch 1080P 60Hz Led Smart Hdtv
Sony Replacement Parts
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40-Inch 1080P 60Hz Led Smart Hdtv
Sony is a manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment equipment. Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Knan, Minato, Tokyo. Its diversified business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment. Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony products are reliable and affordable and there are options for any home or budget. They range from computers and professional technology to consumer electronics and home entertainment systems.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
Sony Ac Adaptor (60W)
Schematic Location: 1
Sony Ac Adaptor (60W)
A-2072-402-ASony Accessory Assy U2 Se2n
Sony Bag, Screw Assy (Owl)Y
1-481-517-11Sony Bead, Ferrite (1608)
4-546-299-02Sony Bezel (40 Owl) A
4-546-299-01Sony Bezel (40 Owl) A
4-566-644-01Sony Bezel (40 Owl) A
4-547-839-11Sony Bracket, Side (Owl)
Sony Bracket, Side (Owl)
Schematic Location: 8
4-547-840-01Sony Bracket, Under (Owl)
Sony Bracket, Under (Owl)
Schematic Location: 7
1-118-900-11Sony Cap, Aluminium Elect 22M 63V
1-118-911-11Sony Cap, Aluminium Elect 22M 63V
1-118-391-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 0.01Mf X7r 1005
1-118-388-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 0.047Mf X7r 1005
1-118-036-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 0.1Mf X5r (1608)
1-118-066-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 0.1Mf X7r 1608
1-116-745-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 0.22Mf X6s 1005
1-120-084-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 0.22Mf X7r 2012
1-116-739-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 0.47Mf X7r 2012
1-118-403-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 1000Pf X7r 1005
1-118-965-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 1000Pf X7r 3216
1-116-998-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 10Mf 3216 25V
1-116-874-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 10Mf X6s 3216
1-118-401-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 1500Pf 50V
1-116-738-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 1Mf X6s 1005
1-116-736-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 1Mf X7r 1608
1-116-733-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 1Mf X7r 2012
1-116-732-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 2.2Mf X5r 1005
1-118-955-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 22Mf X6s (3216)
1-116-714-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 22Mf X6s 2012
1-116-712-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 22Mf X6s 3216
1-118-397-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 3300Pf X7r 1005
1-116-722-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 4.7Mf X6s 2012
1-116-723-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 4.7Mf X7r 2012
1-116-708-11Sony Cap, Ceramic 47Mf X6s 3216
1-118-903-11Sony Cap,aluminium ** Elect 56M 25V
1-118-390-11Sony Cap,cer 0.015Mf X7r 1005 25V
1-118-389-11Sony Cap,cer 0.022Mf X7r 1005 25V
1-118-360-11Sony Cap,cer 0.1Mf X7r 1608 25V
Sony Card, Wireless Lan
Schematic Location: 12
1-802-251-21Sony Chip Varistor
1-812-064-11Sony Chip Varistor
1-457-874-11Sony Choke Coil 10Uh
1-457-871-11Sony Choke Coil 2.2Uh
Sony Clamper, CableY
1-460-615-11Sony Coil, Choke 10.0Uh
1-460-509-11Sony Common Mode Choke Coil
1-460-611-11Sony Common Mode Choke Coil
1-460-649-11Sony Common Mode Choke Coil
1-460-795-11Sony Common Mode Choke Coils
Sony Compl Svc Ba_se2n (Main Cba)_uc_40fY
1-216-295-00Sony Conductor, Chip (2012)
1-257-578-21Sony Conductor, Network (1005X4)
1-910-805-29Sony Connector Assy 10P
Schematic Location: 81
Sony Cord Set, Power-supply
Schematic Location: 2
1-814-868-11Sony Crystal Unit, Quartz (27Mhz)
1-843-777-12Sony Dc Jack
6-504-090-02Sony Di 12-22/G6r8c-a30/3c
6-503-009-01Sony Di Dz2j036m0l
Sony Di Dz2j05600l
Sony Di Dz2j056m0l
6-503-030-01Sony Di Dz2j160m0l
6-503-037-01Sony Di Dz2j24000l
6-503-095-01Sony Di Dz2s03900k8
6-504-138-01Sony Di Kdzvtr24b
6-504-168-01Sony Di Mm5z3v6t1g
6-504-083-01Sony Di Mmsz4678t1g
6-503-579-01Sony Di Rb521sm-30t2r
1-481-912-21Sony Emi Ferrite (Smd) (1005)
1-843-664-11Sony Ethernet Connector
1-843-965-11Sony Ethernet Connector
1-842-546-21Sony Ffc/fpc Connector (Non Zif)51p
1-848-842-12Sony Flexible Flat Cable 51P
Sony Flexible Flat Cable 51P
Schematic Location: 84
1-848-836-11Sony Flexible Flat Cable 5P
1-848-839-11Sony Flexible Flat Cable 5P
Schematic Location: 83
1-848-839-12Sony Flexible Flat Cable 5P
1-523-337-11Sony Fuse (1608/5.0 A)
4-569-045-01Sony Gasket (5X5 (10)), Soft
1-910-805-25Sony Harness Assy
Schematic Location: 82
Sony Hdmi Connector
Sony Hdmi ConnectorY
1-843-207-11Sony Hdmi St Connector
1-820-162-12Sony Header Assembly 30P
1-842-566-12Sony Header Assembly For Pwb 4P
1-819-466-11Sony Header Assembly For Pwb 6P
4-566-006-01Sony Heat Spreader (40)
A-2079-610-ASony Heat Spreader (40) Assy
Sony Hkk(mount)
Schematic Location: 13
6-722-061-01Sony Ic Bd15ic0whfv-gtr
6-721-989-01Sony Ic Bd28620muv-e2
6-718-839-01Sony Ic Bd9397efv-ge2
6-721-965-01Sony Ic Gl850g-ogy34
6-720-716-01Sony Ic Mc74vhc1g08dft2g
6-721-992-01Sony Ic Mt5565hqvg
6-721-962-01Sony Ic Mx30lf4g28ab-xki
6-721-964-01Sony Ic Nlas7242mutbg
6-721-397-01Sony Ic Pca9517admr2g
6-600-880-01Sony Ic Rs-250
6-722-059-01Sony Ic Rt7264ezsp
6-718-833-01Sony Ic Rt8292ahzsp
6-720-715-01Sony Ic Rt8295ahzsp
6-721-966-01Sony Ic S34ml04g200bhi00#
6-721-931-01Sony Ic Tc58nvg2s0hbai4jd0
Sony Ic Tc7sh08fu(t5rsoyjf)
Sony Ic Tc7sz08fu,rsonyj
6-721-963-01Sony Ic Tc7usb42mu,lf(s
6-718-194-01Sony Ic Tpa6138a2pwr
6-718-256-01Sony Ic Tps 2051C
1-481-290-21Sony Inductor 47Uh
1-469-084-21Sony Inductor, Ferrite Bead 1000
1-469-080-11Sony Inductor,ferrite Bead 120 1005
4-549-627-01Sony Label, Under Terminal
Schematic Location: 4
4-566-498-02Sony Light, Guide (Owl)
1-812-116-11Sony Liquid Crystal Element(s40n01)
1-812-116-31Sony Liquid Crystal Element(s40n01)
1-859-099-11Sony Loudspeaker
Schematic Location: 11
4-562-279-11Sony Manual, Instruction
1-523-144-31Sony Micro Fuse-links (1608 Type)
4-546-282-01Sony Middle Chassis B (40) A
4-546-283-01Sony Middle Chassis L (40) A
4-546-284-01Sony Middle Chassis R (40) A
4-546-281-01Sony Middle Chassis T (40) A
1-842-676-23Sony Optical Out Connector
A-2071-674-ASony Packing Com 40 U2 Se2n Wm_d
4-546-312-01Sony Panel Rear Cover (40 Owl)
4-559-106-01Sony Panel Rear Cover (40 Owl)
4-548-878-01Sony Panel, Ornamental (Owl)
4-566-496-01Sony Panel, Ornamental (Owl)
Schematic Location: 3
1-843-673-11Sony Pin Jack 5P
4-573-960-01Sony Polarizer F/cf
4-573-961-01Sony Polarizer R/tft
1-697-376-11Sony Pulse Transformer
1-814-874-11Sony Quartz Crystal Unit (12Mhz)
1-814-625-12Sony Quartz Crystal Unit (27Mhz)
4-566-593-01Sony Rear Cover (40Owl) A
Schematic Location: 5
Sony Remote Commander (Rmt-tx102u)Y
1-257-644-11Sony Res, Chip 4.7 (2012)
1-248-342-11Sony Res, Metal Film 0.33 (2012)
1-248-326-11Sony Res, Metal Film 1.8 (1608)
1-248-333-11Sony Res, Metal Film 6.8 (1608)
1-250-521-11Sony Res, Metal Film Chip 12K(1005)
1-250-523-11Sony Res, Metal Film Chip 15K(1005)
1-250-453-11Sony Res, Metal Film Chip 18 (1005)
1-250-526-11Sony Res, Metal Film Chip 20K(1005)
1-250-527-11Sony Res, Metal Film Chip 22K(1005)
1-250-480-11Sony Res, Metal Film Chip 240(1005)
1-250-528-11Sony Res, Metal Film Chip 24K 1/16W
Sony Res, Metal Film Chip 33K(1005)
1-250-535-11Sony Res, Metal Film Chip 47K(1005)
1-250-465-11Sony Res, Metal Film Chip 56 (1005)
1-250-537-11Sony Res, Metal Film Chip 56K(1005)
1-250-467-11Sony Res, Metal Film Chip 68 (1005)
1-250-491-11Sony Res, Metal Film Chip 680(1005)
1-250-541-11Sony Res, Metal Film Chip 82K(1005)Y
1-257-544-21Sony Res, Network 100 (1005X4)
Sony Res, Network 100X4 (1005)
1-234-378-21Sony Res, Network 10Kx4 (1005)
1-257-609-21Sony Res, Network 2.2 (1005X4)
1-257-558-21Sony Res, Network 4.7K (1005X4)
1-234-377-21Sony Res, Network 4.7Kx4 (1005)
1-257-543-21Sony Res, Network 47 (1005X4)
1-257-548-21Sony Res, Network 47K (1005X4)
1-234-371-11Sony Res, Network 47X4 (1005)
1-257-551-21Sony Res, Network 75 (1005X4)
1-250-497-11Sony Res,metal Film Chip 1.2K(1005)
1-250-499-11Sony Res,metal Film Chip 1.5K(1005)
1-250-543-11Sony Res,metal Film Chip 100K(1005)
1-250-545-11Sony Res,metal Film Chip 120K(1005)
1-250-549-11Sony Res,metal Film Chip 180K(1005)
1-250-505-11Sony Res,metal Film Chip 2.7K(1005)
1-250-551-11Sony Res,metal Film Chip 220K(1005)
1-250-555-11Sony Res,metal Film Chip 330K(1005)
1-250-511-11Sony Res,metal Film Chip 4.7K(1005)
1-250-515-11Sony Res,metal Film Chip 6.8K(1005)
1-250-517-11Sony Res,metal Film Chip 8.2K(1005)
Sony Screw (+Psw) (M3x6)
4-472-518-01Sony Screw, +Psw M3x6
4-167-019-22Sony Screw, +Psw M3x8
Sony Screw, +Psw M4x12Y
4-564-765-01Sony Sheet,thermal(5595)
Schematic Location: 10
1-895-828-11Sony Source Control Mt Board
1-895-824-11Sony Source Driver Ic Mt Board
4-566-395-22Sony Stand Base Assy M (Owl)
4-558-335-22Sony Stand Base Assy M (Owl)
Sony Stand Base Assy M (Owl)Y
1-492-517-12Sony Switch Unit
Sony Switch Unit
Schematic Location: 6
Sony Tape (3M 1350Fw-1)15mmx66m WhtY
4-569-140-11Sony Tape, Hs
6-553-593-01Sony Tr Aod2910
6-552-424-01Sony Tr Dra5144e0l
6-552-444-01Sony Tr Drc5144e0l
6-553-610-01Sony Tr Nx2301p
6-553-104-01Sony Tr Pdta144eu
6-553-105-01Sony Tr Pdtc144eu
6-550-901-01Sony Tr Rn1302(te85l.f)
6-553-314-01Sony Tr Ssm3j327r
6-553-411-01Sony Tr Tpc8129,lsonyq
8-729-030-53Sony Transistor 2Pc4081r-115
8-729-230-63Sony Transistor 2Sc4116-yg
8-729-013-22Sony Transistor Hn1a01fu-te85r
Sony Transistor Hn1c01fu-te85r
6-550-914-01Sony Transistor Rn2304(te85l.f)
3-876-036-71Sony Uni-label, Blank
1-843-683-11Sony Unified Polarity Type Dc Jack
1-842-667-12Sony Usb Connector
Sony Usb Connector
1-843-576-11Sony Usb Connector
1-843-199-11Sony Usb Connector Type A
1-802-090-21Sony Varistor, Chip
1-813-877-11Sony Vibrator, Crystal 12Mhz