Sony Replacement Parts
Model Number
Sony Kde37xs955u - Encompass^sony Kde37xs
Sony is a manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment equipment. Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Knan, Minato, Tokyo. Its diversified business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment. Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony products are reliable and affordable and there are options for any home or budget. They range from computers and professional technology to consumer electronics and home entertainment systems.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
Encompass 32"-60" Lcd, Led, Plasma Universal Tv StandY
2-189-611-01Sony Bag, Protection
2-109-302-01Sony Bezel(37)
2-188-937-01Sony Blind Lid
2-159-381-01Sony Board, Top
4-100-241-02Sony Box, Accessory
2-187-868-01Sony Cabinet,woofer-box
1-100-159-91Sony Cap, Ceramic 22Mf B (Smd)
1-128-959-31Sony Cap, Elect 1000Mf
1-100-053-21Sony Cap, Elect 220Mf
1-137-805-31Sony Cap, Elect 330Mf
1-165-774-31Sony Cap, Elect 470Mf 105
1-100-831-91Sony Cap,chip Ceramic 1000Pf C
1-112-030-11Sony Cap,elect,aluminum
1-112-025-11Sony Cap,elect,aluminum 270Mf
1-112-024-21Sony Cap,metalized Pe Film 1Mf
1-128-643-11Sony Cap.(3216)type Chip Ceram
1-100-152-91Sony Capacitot C.ceramic 100Pf
1-100-581-81Sony Chip Ceramic0.0047mf B100
1-456-787-21Sony Choke Coil 10Hh
1-456-854-11Sony Choke Coil 58Uh
4-098-165-01Sony Clamper
2-176-107-01Sony Cn Cover
1-829-928-11Sony Coaxial Cable With F-plug
1-456-813-11Sony Coil, Air-core
1-456-857-11Sony Coil, Choke 10Uh
1-456-855-11Sony Coil,choke 170Uh
1-456-856-21Sony Coil,line Filter
1-817-752-21Sony Connector (Receptacle) 14
1-817-194-21Sony Connector 13P
1-910-004-25Sony Connector Assy (Ffc40p)
1-910-006-50Sony Connector Assy (Ffc80p)
1-910-005-75Sony Connector Assy 30P
X-2023-006-1Sony Connector Panel Assy(xs)
1-543-653-31Sony Core Assy, Bead(division
2-179-941-01Sony Cover,cable
2-159-383-01Sony Cushion, Lower
1-443-450-11Sony Dc-dc Converter Transform
2-187-364-01Sony Edge Holder
1-400-461-21Sony Ferrite, Emi (Smd) (
X-2022-956-1Sony Front Flame(37t) Assy
A-1061-619-BSony G2f Compl
4-091-096-02Sony Gasket (D)
6-706-903-01Sony Ic Ak5357vt-e2
6-711-099-01Sony Ic Ba10339f-e2
6-706-884-01Sony Ic Bd9851efv-e2
6-704-005-01Sony Ic Br24l32f-we2
8-752-107-98Sony Ic Cxa2188q-t4
8-753-204-12Sony Ic Cxa2209q-t6
6-706-826-01Sony Ic Cxd9816gg
6-706-535-01Sony Ic Cxd9827gp
6-706-902-01Sony Ic Cxd9835tn
Sony Ic Cxd9841m
6-804-678-01Sony Ic Cy22392zxc-363
6-804-677-01Sony Ic Cy22392zxc-364
6-804-679-01Sony Ic Cy25104zxc-1
6-804-680-01Sony Ic Cy25104zxc-2
6-600-272-01Sony Ic Gp1fm313tz0f
6-706-784-01Sony Ic Hy5du283222afp-36
6-706-009-01Sony Ic Is42s32200b-6tl
6-704-950-01Sony Ic K6x1008c2d-bf70t
8-759-680-92Sony Ic Max4018eee-tg068
6-804-681-01Sony Ic Mbm29dl32tf70tn-ke1-we
6-706-897-01Sony Ic Msp4440k-qa-b2
6-704-879-01Sony Ic Nju7223dl1-25
6-705-403-01Sony Ic Pq070xz01zph
6-702-821-01Sony Ic R3112n421a-tr-fa
6-703-046-01Sony Ic Sn74lvc1g08dckr
6-703-589-01Sony Ic Sn74lvc1g125dckr
6-705-771-01Sony Ic Sn74lvc1g32dckr
6-706-893-01Sony Ic Tps54350pwpr
2-159-379-01Sony Individual Carton
1-469-349-11Sony Inductor 1Uh
1-400-180-21Sony Inductor, Emi Ferrite (16
1-469-979-11Sony Inductor, Ferrite Bead
1-818-700-11Sony Inlet, Ac (With Noise Fil
2-189-190-01Sony Label, Caution
4-100-089-01Sony Label, Fhp Panel
2-109-890-01Sony Light Guide(bz)
1-576-731-21Sony Link, Ic (Smd)
1-825-947-21Sony Loudspeaker(r)
1-817-653-11Sony Memory Stick Connector
2-179-940-01Sony Neckrear
2-176-090-01Sony Panel Top(42/37)
4-042-408-02Sony Pin, Coating Lead
1-816-598-11Sony Pin, Connector
1-817-097-21Sony Pin, Connector (1.5Mm)(sm
2-149-615-02Sony Power Button
1-813-374-21Sony Quarts Crystal Vibrator
1-813-375-21Sony Quratz Crystal Unit
X-2022-770-1Sony Rear Cover (37Xs) Assy
1-755-418-12Sony Relay (Ac Power)
1-243-725-71Sony Res, Oxide Metal Film 100
1-220-283-91Sony Res,square Type Chip 6.8K
2-318-704-01Sony Screw 6X20, Hex
2-149-641-01Sony Sp Connector Holder
3-952-863-11Sony Spacer, Circuit Board
4-069-570-31Sony Spacer, Pwb
2-176-213-01Sony Speaker Grill(37l)
2-176-216-01Sony Speaker Grill(37r)
X-2023-749-1Sony Speaker Grill(37xsr) Assy
4-098-112-01Sony Spring, Compression
4-087-332-21Sony Tape, Shield
1-694-766-21Sony Terminal (Onboard Contact
8-729-047-14Sony Transistor 2Sc3775
2-159-380-01Sony Tray
1-805-483-21Sony Varistor
1-781-922-21Sony Vibrator, Ceramic
1-795-980-21Sony Vibrator, Crystal
1-813-049-21Sony Vibrator, Crystal