GTKXB5 High Power Home Audio System
Sony Replacement Parts
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High Power Home Audio System
Sony is a manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment equipment. Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Knan, Minato, Tokyo. Its diversified business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment. Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony products are reliable and affordable and there are options for any home or budget. They range from computers and professional technology to consumer electronics and home entertainment systems.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemandAvailability
9-885-212-24Sony Bottom Cover(black)+plate (Uc2)No
9-885-212-36Sony Bottom Cover(blue)+plate (Uc2)No
9-885-212-60Sony Bottom Cover(green)+plate (Uc2)No
9-885-212-48Sony Bottom Cover(red)+plate (Uc2)No
9-885-212-14Sony Cable(3p Fa Bd-fb Bd) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-12Sony Cable(4p Tweeter Sp Line) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-13Sony Cable(5p Woofer Sp Line) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-16Sony Ffc Cable(16p Main Bd-fv Bd) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-15Sony Ffc Cable(9p Main Bd-fa Bd) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-06Sony Flash Led Pcba (Uc2)No
9-885-212-05Sony Front Control Board (Uc2)Ships in 10 days
9-885-212-26Sony Front Panel(cel Black) Assy (Uc2)No
9-885-212-38Sony Front Panel(cel Blue) Assy (Uc2)No
9-885-212-62Sony Front Panel(cel Green) Assy (Uc2)No
9-885-212-50Sony Front Panel(cel Red) Assy (Uc2)No
9-885-212-25Sony Front Panel(uc2 Black) Assy (Uc2)No
9-885-212-37Sony Front Panel(uc2 Blue) Assy (Uc2)No
9-885-212-49Sony Front Panel(uc2 Red) Assy (Uc2)No
9-885-212-29Sony Handle Rubber(black)4pcs (Uc2)No
9-885-212-41Sony Handle Rubber(blue)4pcs (Uc2)No
9-885-212-65Sony Handle Rubber(green) 4Pcs (Uc2)No
9-885-212-53Sony Handle Rubber(red)4pcs (Uc2)No
9-885-212-23Sony Left Side Panel(cel Black) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-35Sony Left Side Panel(cel Blue) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-59Sony Left Side Panel(cel Green) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-47Sony Left Side Panel(cel Red) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-22Sony Left Side Panel(uc2 Black) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-34Sony Left Side Panel(uc2 Blue) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-46Sony Left Side Panel(uc2 Red) (Uc2)No
Sony Main+nfc Board (Uc2)YIn Stock
9-885-212-03Sony Power Board(cel) (Uc2)YShips in 15 days
9-885-212-02Sony Power Board(uc2) (Uc2)YIn Stock
9-885-212-21Sony Right Side Panel(cel Black) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-33Sony Right Side Panel(cel Blue) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-57Sony Right Side Panel(cel Green) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-45Sony Right Side Panel(cel Red) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-20Sony Right Side Panel(uc2 Black) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-32Sony Right Side Panel(uc2 Blue) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-44Sony Right Side Panel(uc2 Red) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-28Sony Rubber(circle Black) (4Pcs) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-40Sony Rubber(circle Blue) (4Pcs) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-64Sony Rubber(circle Green) (4Pcs) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-52Sony Rubber(circle Red) (4Pcs) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-27Sony Rubber(large Circle Black) (8P (Uc2)No
9-885-212-39Sony Rubber(large Circle Blue) (8Pc (Uc2)No
9-885-212-63Sony Rubber(large Circle Green) (8P (Uc2)No
9-885-212-51Sony Rubber(large Circle Red) (8Pcs (Uc2)No
9-885-212-30Sony Rubber(small Circle Black) (2P (Uc2)No
9-885-212-42Sony Rubber(small Circle Blue) (2Pc (Uc2)No
9-885-212-66Sony Rubber(small Circle Green) (2P (Uc2)No
9-885-212-54Sony Rubber(small Circle Red) (2Pcs (Uc2)No
9-885-212-11Sony Sb Bd (Uc2)No
9-885-212-69Sony Screw M3x10(30pcs) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-67Sony Screw M3x6 (8Pcs) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-68Sony Screw M3x8 (4Pcs) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-70Sony Screw M4x16(29 Pcs) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-10Sony Speaker Led Pcba (Uc2)No
9-885-212-18Sony Speaker Unit(tw) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-17Sony Speaker Unit(wf) (Uc2)No
9-885-212-19Sony Top Cover(black)+plate (Uc2)No
9-885-212-31Sony Top Cover(blue)+plate (Uc2)No
9-885-212-55Sony Top Cover(green)+plate (Uc2)No
9-885-212-43Sony Top Cover(red)+plate (Uc2)No
9-885-212-07Sony Tube Led Pcba (Uc2)No
9-885-212-08Sony Tube Led Pcba Left (Uc2)No
9-885-212-09Sony Tube Led Pcba Right (Uc2)No
9-885-218-49Sony Ac Cord (Br1)No