DSCWX50 Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera; Silver
Sony Replacement Parts
Model Number
Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera; Silver
Sony is a manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment equipment. Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Knan, Minato, Tokyo. Its diversified business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment. Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony products are reliable and affordable and there are options for any home or budget. They range from computers and professional technology to consumer electronics and home entertainment systems.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
Sony Ac-ub10/ub10b Ac-adaptor
Sony Adaptor, Ac (Ac-ub10c)
4-411-656-01Sony Base (150), Sheet Microphone
X-2583-249-2Sony Bth (150) Pink Assy
Sony Bth (150) Silver Assy
X-2583-256-5Sony Cabinet Rear 150 Black Assy
X-2583-256-4Sony Cabinet Rear 150 Black Assy
X-2583-259-5Sony Cabinet Rear 150 Blue Assy
X-2583-259-4Sony Cabinet Rear 150 Blue Assy
X-2583-258-5Sony Cabinet Rear 150 Gold Assy
X-2583-258-3Sony Cabinet Rear 150 Gold Assy
X-2583-257-5Sony Cabinet Rear 150 Pink Assy
X-2583-257-3Sony Cabinet Rear 150 Pink Assy
X-2583-257-1Sony Cabinet Rear 150 Pink Assy
X-2583-255-5Sony Cabinet Rear 150 Silver Assy
X-2583-255-3Sony Cabinet Rear 150 Silver Assy
X-2583-255-1Sony Cabinet Rear 150 Silver Assy (
1-116-875-91Sony Ceramic Cap 1.0Mf X5r 0603
Sony Connector Hdmi
1-843-212-11Sony Connector, Multiple (Socket)
4-411-640-42Sony Cover (150), Dc
4-411-640-32Sony Cover (150), Dc
4-411-640-22Sony Cover (150), Dc
4-411-640-12Sony Cover (150), Dc
4-411-640-02Sony Cover (150), Dc
A-1852-925-ASony Cover(150) Black Block Assy
A-1852-928-ASony Cover(150) Blue Block Assy
A-1852-927-ASony Cover(150) Gold Block Assy
A-1852-926-ASony Cover(150) Pink Block Assy
A-1852-924-ASony Cover(150) Silver Block Assy
Sony Cushion (150), Lcd
4-411-653-01Sony Cushion (Sy) (150)
A-1825-023-ASony Filter Block Assy Asm
X-2583-260-1Sony Frame (150) Assy, Main
Sony Front (150) Silver Block Assy
A-1852-920-ASony Front(150) Black Block Assy
A-1852-923-ASony Front(150) Blue Block Assy
A-1852-922-ASony Front(150) Gold Block Assy
A-1852-921-ASony Front(150) Pink Block Assy
1-576-843-31Sony Fuse Micro (1608)Y
4-411-659-01Sony Gasket (F)
4-418-107-01Sony Gasket (Usb)
8-826-002-51Sony Gyro Sensor Gsu-x370d/n-s
6-718-064-01Sony Ic Bd91407gw-e2
6-718-737-01Sony Ic Max8976ewa+t
6-716-846-01Sony Ic Mb44c022pw-g-ere1
4-411-641-91Sony Lid (150), Bt
4-411-641-81Sony Lid (150), Bt
4-411-641-71Sony Lid (150), Bt
4-411-641-61Sony Lid (150), Bt
4-411-641-51Sony Lid (150), Bt
4-411-641-41Sony Lid (150), Bt
4-411-641-31Sony Lid (150), Bt
4-411-641-21Sony Lid (150), Bt
4-411-641-11Sony Lid (150), Bt
4-411-643-01Sony Lid (150), Plate (Bt)
4-417-810-01Sony Lid (150), Shaft (Bt)
4-266-403-01Sony Lid (770), Shaft (Bt)
Sony Lock Tsumami (150) Bt Lid
8-848-872-51Sony Lsv-1430a-ls (Red)
4-411-521-21Sony Manual, Instruction
4-411-520-11Sony Manual, Instruction
4-408-995-11Sony Manual, Instruction
4-408-995-04Sony Manual, Instruction
Sony Micro Fuse (1608)
Sony Micro Usb CableY
Sony Panel Module (Pe3-acm)
4-411-645-01Sony Plate (H) (150)
4-411-646-01Sony Plate (Sp) (150)
4-411-644-01Sony Plate, Usb (150)
X-2583-251-4Sony Release (150) Black Assy
X-2583-254-4Sony Release (150) Blue Assy
X-2583-254-3Sony Release (150) Blue Assy
X-2583-253-4Sony Release (150) Gold Assy
X-2583-253-3Sony Release (150) Gold Assy
X-2583-252-4Sony Release (150) Pink Assy
X-2583-252-3Sony Release (150) Pink Assy
X-2583-250-4Sony Release (150) Silver Assy
X-2583-250-3Sony Release (150) Silver Assy (Sil
4-411-649-01Sony Rubber (150), Microphone
4-535-068-21Sony Screw(m1.4), New Tru-star, P2Y
4-424-250-01Sony Screw(m1.4), New Tru-star, P2
4-412-769-31Sony Screw(m1.4), New Tru-star, P2
4-424-201-01Sony Screw(m1.4), New Tru-star, P2 Eg
1-490-064-31Sony Sensor 3 Axial Acceleration
1-490-064-11Sony Sensor 3 Axial Acceleration
4-421-218-01Sony Sheet (150), Electrostatic Lens
4-411-658-02Sony Sheet (150), Radiation
4-411-657-01Sony Sheet (Lcd) (150), Radiation
4-411-654-01Sony Sheet (Mf)
4-411-650-01Sony Sheet (Sy) (150)
4-426-460-01Sony Spacer Bth
4-426-459-01Sony Spacer Mf
Sony Spring (770), Bt Lid Open
4-409-867-01Sony St Sheet (770)
Sony St-269 Board, Complete
Sony Switch Block, Control (Sw63150
1-490-033-51Sony Switch Block, Control(sw63150)
1-490-033-41Sony Switch Block, Control(sw63150)
1-490-033-31Sony Switch Block, Control(sw63150)
1-490-033-21Sony Switch Block, Control(sw63150)
Sony Sy-311/sy-321 Board, Complete
1-781-525-11Sony Vibrator, Crystal (32.768Khz)
Sony Window (150), Lcd
A-1889-550-ASony Window Block Assy (Service)
Sony Wrist Strap (Silver)Y