DSCHX99 Cyber-shot Hx99 High Zoom Camera
Sony Replacement Parts
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Cyber-shot Hx99 High Zoom Camera
Sony is a manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment equipment. Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Knan, Minato, Tokyo. Its diversified business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment. Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony products are reliable and affordable and there are options for any home or budget. They range from computers and professional technology to consumer electronics and home entertainment systems.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemandAvailability
4-742-175-01Sony Af Sheet B (64400) (Uc)No
4-741-262-01Sony Bottom (64400), Cabinet (Bk) (Uc)No
4-741-262-11Sony Bottom (64400), Cabinet (Wh) (Uc)No
A-2229-702-ASony Bth Block Assy (Bk) (Service) (Uc)Ships in 14 days
A-2229-703-ASony Bth Block Assy (Wh) (Service) (Uc)No
A-2227-540-ASony Cabinet Side Block Assy (Bk) (Uc)YIn Stock
A-2227-539-ASony Cabinet Side Block Assy (Uc)No
A-2227-541-ASony Cabinet Side Block Assy (Wh) (Uc)No
A-2225-906-ASony Cabinet Upper Block (64400) (Uc)No
A-2225-907-ASony Cabinet Upper Block (64440) Bk (Uc)YIn Stock
A-2225-908-ASony Cabinet Upper Block (64440) Wh (Uc)No
A-2229-794-ASony Cabinet, Front Block(service) (Uc)Ships in 14 days
A-2229-795-ASony Cabinet, Front(bk) (Service) (Uc)YIn Stock
A-2229-796-ASony Cabinet, Front(wh) (Service) (Uc)No
A-2229-791-ASony Cabinet, Rear (Bk) (Service) (Uc)No
A-2229-792-ASony Cabinet, Rear (Wh) (Service) (Uc)No
1-912-798-11Sony Cable, Coaxial (22Mm) (Uc)No
4-742-385-01Sony Cu Sheet (64400) (Uc)No
4-573-693-01Sony Cushion (63680), Interception (Uc)No
4-742-179-01Sony Cushion (Rl) (64400) (Uc)No
1-983-623-11Sony Fp-2436 Flexible Pwb (Uc)No
A-2229-738-ASony Frame Block Assy (Service) (Uc)No
4-742-379-01Sony Gasket (Lc) (64400) (Uc)No
4-741-264-01Sony Grip (64400) (Uc)No
4-742-382-01Sony Guard (64400), Harness (Uc)No
4-741-265-01Sony Heat Sink G (64400) (Uc)No
4-572-806-01Sony Insulating Sheet (63680), Se (Uc)No
A-2229-746-ASony Lcd Block Assy(64400)(service) (Uc)YIn Stock
A-2229-747-ASony Lcd Block Assy(64420)(service) (Uc)No
A-2229-748-ASony Lcd Block(64440)(bk)(service) (Uc)YIn Stock
A-2229-749-ASony Lcd Block(64440)(wh)(service) (Uc)No
A-2229-750-ASony Lcd Block(64460)(bk)(service) (Uc)No
A-2229-751-ASony Lcd Block(64460)(wh)(service) (Uc)No
A-2229-805-ASony Lens Ring Block(bk) (Service) (Uc)Ships in 5 days
A-2229-806-ASony Lens Ring Block(wh) (Service) (Uc)No
1-471-682-21Sony Magnet (Uc)No
4-741-266-01Sony Plate (64400), Bt (Uc)No
4-570-291-01Sony Plate (Sp) (63680) (Uc)No
A-2229-807-ASony Retainer Block Assy (Service) (Uc)Ships in 5 days
A-2075-312-CSony Rl-1045 Mount(63680) (Uc)No
A-2227-188-ASony Rl-1056(zlc)mount (Uc)YIn Stock
A-2227-189-ASony Rl-1056(zlcl)mount (Uc)No
4-570-223-11Sony Sheet (63680), Frame (Uc)No
4-578-309-01Sony Sheet (63680), Lcd Sealing (Uc)No
4-742-389-01Sony Sheet (As (64400)), Radiation (Uc)No
4-743-457-01Sony Sheet (Lower) A (64400) (Uc)No
4-743-458-01Sony Sheet (Lower) B (64400) (Uc)No
4-742-388-01Sony Sheet (Sy) (64400), Radiation (Uc)No
4-570-289-01Sony Sheet Metal (63680), Multi (Uc)No
4-570-295-02Sony Sheet Metal (63680), Strap (Uc)No
A-2229-793-ASony St Block Assy (Service) (Uc)YIn Stock
A-2227-846-ASony Sy_ Compl (Uc)No
A-2227-845-ASony Sy_ Compl (Uc)YIn Stock
A-2227-844-ASony Sy_ Compl (Uc)No
A-2227-843-ASony Sy_ Compl (Uc)YIn Stock